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Monday, June 20, 2016

Cave of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9 - Two Bastards Walk Into the North...

Welcome back to "Cave of Thrones!!!" I'm sure you've heard the old joke before, "Two Bastards walk into the North, and one gets eaten by his pack of wild dogs." Oh, my bad, should we have said SPOILER ALERT? What can we say, we're a couple of bastards.

 In this semi-regular edition of "Cave of Thrones!!!", the guys break down the magnificent BastardBowl episode to give you the very best analysis they possibly can in a timely fashion while drinking. CraigMakk will blow your mind with his deep understanding of advanced battle tactics such as how to poke people to death with pointy sticks; Serious Jest gets an opportunity to explain why GoT is basically just shamelessly ripping off Tyler Durden; and you'll even get to hear a little LeBron bashing for your troubles. Oh, and of course they have some alcohol to make the conversation fly by with maximum cursing, So strap in, grab a beer, and get ready to listen to two real bastards talk about your favorite show in "Cave of Thrones!!!"

 Beer of the Show: Broken Goblet Brewery's Nori, a Belgian tripel brewed with lavender so sweet, you'll want to take a bath in it,
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