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Friday, January 27, 2012

Episode Five - The Christmas Party

Welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!" This time around we actually have a legitimate Christmas-themed episode. We figured now that all your decorations are down and the tree is in the garbage, we can help you with those post-holiday blues by celebrating with your favorite podcast like it never ended! And to think you say we never gave you anything...

In this episode, things start out great as CraigMakk discusses some insane and potentially deadly family holiday parties from Christmas' past; Serious Jest does his best to prove that he's not cheap with regards to gift-giving, he's just frugal and more about the thought than the gift (i.e. cheap); and even Chewie makes a couple of key yet suspect appearances from his company holiday party!

Then things quickly go to hell (or is it heaven?), as Jest preaches his most inner beliefs about spotlights from heaven, the meaning of love conquering all, and why God doesn't have to play by his own rules....all while INCREDIBLY inebriated from SoCoEeNo (you'll have to listen to know what that means).

Throughout all the insanity, you will have heard about a bunch of great gifts to give or receive, the ManCave's favorite Christmas movies of all time, and some of the best holiday beers on the planet...all while teaching you the all-new "ManCave Drinking Game!" See, that's why you listen! So sit back, grab a (holiday) drink, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!"

Beer of the Show: Noel Baladin, an Italian Christmas Ale, and apparently Jest's favorite beer ever.

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Episode Five - Bonus Features

In Episode Five, we celebrate all things Christmas and beer. First and foremost, here is a list of all the holiday beers we imbibed, beginning with the "Beer of the Show":

And while you're at it, check out the ManCave's go-to book for great Christmas beer, entitled, what else but "Christmas Beer".

We also build a pretty amazing Christmas List of gifts we'd love to receiv...we mean give our loved ones. Take a look and see what you want to buy yourself with that hefty Christmas bonus!

CraigMakk's List                               Serious Jest's List
*Sonos Play 3                                                   *"Suck It Trebek" T-Shirt
*TiVo Premiere Elite                                           *Drinxx Waterproof Playing Cards
*Beo-Vision 485 850-inch 3D TV                          *Paper Voodoo Notebook
*Armourgeddon Tank Paintball                            *Skullcandy Headphones
*(Bonus Gift) iPad 2 Gold History Edition             *Fathead City Skyline

Interested in reading more about our movie picks this episode? Check out Cyrus and Black Death to find out more! Plus, if you are really in the mood to be serious (jest), here is a great wiki that delves into some of the key issues in the discussion of Paganism versus Christianity