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On this page, you will find everything you need to fully enjoy the newest podcast revolution, Live from the ManCave!!! For each bi-monthly Episode, we will post the Podcast and Bonus Features. Here's what they mean:

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Episode Three - The (Movie) Draft

Welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!" As we struggle to finally get our crap together and get the show out in a timely manner, we still feel pretty confident that this episode is jam-packed with podcast gold. At least we like to tell ourselves that. Let us down easy, alright?

In this episode, Serious Jest explains how kids playing in a sandbox "moves" him; CraigMakk finds more ways to remind you why women ruin movies; and the guys invite a couple of "special guests" into the studio for a podcast-first ever Mega Fantasy Movie Draft and hilarity ensues! Get excited, bro.

Thanks to Wacker and Ms. Special Guest for making us look good, and bringing a bit of their own special brand of humor at the same time....when they remembered to turn the mics on.

And with all of the insanity and excitement, you will still get to hear the guys tell some amazing stories, talk about some movies you may or may not have seen before, and drink a whole lot. Although they sound like AA members compared to Makk's last episode, which is nice. So sit back, grab a drink, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!"

Beer of the Show: A quality beer called Six Point Bengali Tiger IPA...welcome back to the Quality Beer Show, people.

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