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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode Fourteen - We're Baaaaaack!!!


I mean, we're baaaaack! The Live from the ManCave guys have been away for quite some time, but not because they gave up on you. They just had some kids, and kids ruin everything. But now that they kicked that little defenseless baby out of the house, they're back with a vengeance!

In this (very old but hilarious nonetheless) episode, the ManCave men get into a pretty heated argument about what constitutes a good trilogy and which movie they'd rather have sex with, and determine how powerful a Wu-Tang beat really is.

Throughout it all, you'll learn why home-brewing makes the best beer regardless of taste, why one role was magically made for Keanu Reeves, and why starting a podcast at 4am probably isn't the best move. Oh, and listen to them get really, really drunk. Or continue to stay drunk, since they started this one already pretty bombed. What a life, right?

Beer of the Show: CaveWater Lager, a tasty homebrewed lager that wasn't such a bad place to start.

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