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On this page, you will find everything you need to fully enjoy the newest podcast revolution, Live from the ManCave!!! For each bi-monthly Episode, we will post the Podcast and Bonus Features. Here's what they mean:

Podcast: The actual Episodes can be played or downloaded directly from these posts. Also included is a short synopsis and a "jacket photo."

Bonus Features: These posts contain links to interesting video, audio, articles, etc., that we referenced in, or are relevant to, the Episode.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Episode One-The Fellowship of the Cave (Part One)

Welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!" We continue to dig (way) back and pull some episodes from our backlog for you to enjoy. This one was so epic, we had to split it up and give it it's own sequel right off the bat. And when we say epic, we mean.....well, we mean long. So strap in, kids, and get ready for DOUBLE the funny!

In this opening salvo, Jest gets to dazzle you with both his legal knowledge AND his "sexy voice"; Chewie reminds you why you never want your Grandmother to go to the Shore alone again; and CraigMakk learns the hard way that just because you call someone a friend doesn't mean they won't try to embarrass you in front of the entire Internet world.

And in all this insanity, the guys are able to update you on some potentially interesting stories, tell you some horrendous stories, and drink....a lot. Sounds like another successful show to me. So sit back, grab a drink, and welcome to "Live from the ManCave!!!"

Beer of the Show: Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA...finally, a good beer, mostly because the only one who actually likes good beer got to pick. Enjoy it, while you can.

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