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On this page, you will find everything you need to fully enjoy the newest podcast revolution, Live from the ManCave!!! For each bi-monthly Episode, we will post the Podcast and Bonus Features. Here's what they mean:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Episode One, Part Two: Bonus Features

In Part Two of Episode One, we spend an inordinate amount of time discussing CraigMakk's "Watch that $#*%!" selection, "Primer." As per our discussion, we are including a number of links to improve your viewing pleasure of this incredibly mind-bending movie.Take a look at the following links prior to or during the movie, and you will feel yourself growing smarter by the minute (Note: The ManCave cannot make claims on your intelligence levels, either before or after clicking on said links. It is clearly a marketing ploy, and not a measurable clinical claim.)


  1. Wow. I gotta be honest, I had "visual depiction of Time Travel in Primer" pictured a different way. Then again, I've only watched the movie once so far.

  2. The best breakdown of the movie I've read so far is the link marked "in-depth explanation of Primer" above, by a pretty smart dude, Jeffery Harrel. You don't have to have an advanced degree in quantum physics to understand him, either.